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//Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?//

Spaghetti Book Club
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Themes and Units

Unit of Study from TC. Reading HF with a Critical Lens. Text set based on Civil Rights movement.

Compiled by TCRWP

Sample Unit of Study for Social Action Book Clubs

Exploring Issues in Books - //Shades of Meaning// by Donna Santman

Chapter 7

Building Adolescent Literacy in Today's English Classrooms by Randy Bomer

Chapter 8 - technology


Children's Book Review
Happy Nappy BooksellerBooklist Online
Book Pig
Recommended by Kirsten - "Netflix" for books!

Resources for Discussion Group Strategies and Techniques

Questioning the Author Work

Getting at the Meaning - Isabel Beck in her own words

Philosophy for Children -
Mt Holyoke College course in children's literature grounded in teaching philosophy through children's books